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Dada Straight

Solar Shower Dada Straight 2019


Formidra renews its flagship in solar showers, the DADA.

Available in a straight or curve version, the DADA combines FORMIDRA solar technology with a 37L capacity and a connection to hot water to ensure warm showers whichever the number of users.

As for its other models, Formidra includes a foot rinse, ideal before entering the pool.

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Douche solaire Dada Straight

Hot water throughout the year
with the hybrid technology

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The DADA range features both FORMIDRA solar technology and a connection to the domestic hot water.
Enjoy 100% warm solar water or, if needed, warm water issued from the domestic supply.

Shower exploded
hot/cold water connection

water connection

Shower head

square showerhead

Stainless steel mixer

Stainless steel finish mixer
engraved or laser

Stainless steel hand held shower

hand shower

Technical Data

Colors Anthracite, Anthracite Stainless steel, Wood Stainless steel
Weight 10 kg
Capacity 40 L
Height 228 cm
Base dimensions 32.4 x 14 cm
Material Aluminium
Fixation kit Included
Warranty 2 years

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