Jolly Go solar showers
Solar showers Jolly Go


The new Jolly Go solar shower will delight anyone looking for a discreet yet high capacity and practical solar shower.

Featuring an aluminium thermo-lacquered tower, available in 2 colors, the Jolly Go is equipped with a foot rinse and a detachable hand shower for a body rinse without wetting one's hair.

Install your new shower in just minutes thanks to its drilling template. The Jolly Go can be connected to any garden hose.

Choose your color:

Jolly Go solar shower
Detachable hand shower

Detachable hand shower

Easy to use

Shower mixer


Easy water temperature setting

Foot rinse

Foot rinse

Easy feet rinsing

Stable enlarged base

Enlarged base

Stable and easy to install

Douche éclaté

Environnemental friendly

Eco Friendly

Formidra solar showers use solar energy to heat the water contained in their whole structure. A simple cold water connection is enough, solar power will provide you with hot water from the start of the beautiful days.

Having a shower before entering your swimming pool preserves the hygiene of your pool water and limit the use of chemical treatment, avoiding to invest in expensive installations.

Technical Data

Colors Anthracite, Stainless steel grey
Weight 5.5 kg
Capacity 20 L
Height 120 cm
Base dimensions 24 x 26 cm
Material Aluminium
Warranty 2 years
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