Gamme Jolly
Femme Jolly

Modern and functional

With its sophisticated and modern design, the Jolly will fit perfectly into your garden. Designed in aluminium, the Jolly is available in 2 shades.

This 100% eco-friendly shower heats its water solely through the effect of the sun. It can be easily installed at any water inlet.

Choose your color:

Douche Jolly
Pommeau douche

Adjustable head

New adjustable head with rain effect

Mitigeur douche

Precise mixer

For choose your temperature

Rince pieds douche

Foot rinse

For washing your feets

Rince pieds douche

Consolidate base

Stable and easy attachment

Douche éclaté

Respectful of the environment

Eco Friendly

Formidra solar showers use solar energy to heat the water tank contained in their structure. A simple cold water connection is enough, solar powerwill provide you with hot water, from the beginning of fine days.

Having a shower before entering your swimming pool preserves the hygiene of your pool’s water. This habit will help you limit your pool’s water treatment without investing in expensive installations.

Technical characteristics

Colors Anthracite, Stainless steel paint
Weight 11,5 kg
Capacity 33 L
Height 233 cm
Pedestal dimensions 19 x 20,5 cm
Materials Aluminium
Warranty 2 years