Product Sheet Documents

Dada Straight

Timeless class

3 colours


+ Hybrid technology

+ Laser engraved stainless steel effect mixer

+ Shower/Foot rinse toggle switch

+ Anti-limescale showerhead

+ Hand shower

+ Aluminium structure

Formidra renews its flagship model, the DADA

Available in a curve or straight shape, the Dada combines Formidra's eco-friendly solar technology and a connection to a hot water outlet.

With this hybrid outdoor shower, enjoy showers at the right temperature, whatever the number of users all year round. Use the mixer to get the right temperature. The 40L water column is entirely heated by sun energy. If needed, switch to the domestic supply by simply turning the toggle switch.

Main features

An anti-limescale, rain effect, shower head

A mixer and toggle switch to personnalize your moment of relaxation

A hand shower for multiples uses

An enlarged base for more stability and a pressure reducer

Hybride technology

An outdoor shower all year round

Our DADA range of outdoor showers is equipped with both FORMIDRA's flagship technologies to make it indispensable all year round.

As a solar shower, the 40-liter water column is heated entirely by sunlight. But, the DADA is also equipped with a hot water inlet which connects to the domestic supply. So you can choose from 100% solar hot water, and also, if necessary, hot water from the domestic supply.

Eco Friendly

Techniques characteristics

Colours Anthracite paint, Anthracite paint/brushed aluminium, Stainless steel paint/Wood effect
Weight 10 kg
Capacity 40 L
Height 228 cm
Base dimensions 32.4 x 14 cm
Material Aluminium
Fixation kit Included
Warranty 2 years

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