Product Sheet Documents

So happy

New Design

3 colours


+ Uses solar energy

+ Structure in recyclable HDPE

+ Available in 3 colours

+ Foot rinse included

+ Easy installation

+ Premium finishes and details


A 100% eco-friendly solar shower

Real best-seller since its release, the Happy reinvents itself and becomes So Happy featuring a more modern design, an increased tank capacity and, above all, new finishes making the So Happy even more attractive.

Made out of recyclable HDPE, the So Happy is equipped with a hot/cold mixer, a foot rinse as well as a new, larger, more intense rain effect shower head.

Main features

A rain effect adjustable shower head

A mixer to easily set water temperature

A foot rinse to rinse one's feet or even fill a watering can

An enlarged base for more stability and pressure reducer

Solar shower

respectul for the environment

Formidra solar showers use solar energy to heat the water contained in their entire structure. A straight connection to a cold water tap is enough, solar energy does the rest to provide you with hot water, from the first days of good weather.

The use of a solar shower makes it possible to preserve the hygiene of your swimming pool and to limit its chemical treatment without investing in an expensive installation.

Eco Friendly

Technical characteristics

Colours Anthracite, Blue, Green
Weight 6 kg
Capacity 28 L
Height 216 cm
Base dimensions 24 x 26 cm
Material Recyclable HDPE
Fixation kit Included
Warranty 2 years
Instructions for use This shower must not remain permanetly connected to the water system.

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